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  1. kuchukuTulip 13h 33m ago


  2. Monu-chan Moderator 1wk 2d ago

    Quote by TheCompiler

    Quote by Monu-chan

    Quote by TheCompiler *poke*

    Bro is MT layout looks broken for you?

    looks fine to me

    Then I probably messed up my coding.
    When you'll get your phone fix?

  3. Monu-chan Moderator 1wk 3d ago

    Quote by TheCompiler *poke*

    Bro is MT layout looks broken for you?

  4. Monu-chan Moderator 1wk 4d ago

    Quote by TheCompiler

    Quote by Monu-chan BROOOOO! ;-;

    hi bro wassup

    Just wassup you say? You fucking scared me to death for being offline so many days!
    I thought you died or something! :(
    Fix your phone then I'll show you wassup on WhatsApp! :P

  5. Monu-chan Moderator 1wk 4d ago

    BROOOOO! ;-;

  6. myri-chan 5wk 2d ago

    Don't worry we'll have many other opportunties in the future to discuss about interesting stuff ;p

    philosophy of power? oh dear,sounds pretty evil Lol..i prefer Robin hoods like MR.Chomsky but thanks again for the discovery i'll check this guy in my free time.

  7. myri-chan 5wk 3d ago

    Religion is just a tool for social order and ethnical identity that's all..nothing else.

    I knew you will disagree..It's not the first time ^^ you are a conservative guy and i am a progressive dudette so it's perfectly normal.

    Maths is for scientists.politicians don't really need solid knowledge in maths except when it comes to economics ofc.

    the only necessary moral value is justice. chivalry can wait ^^

    foucault? no, not really. And yes you're right ^^ i admire MR.Chomsky for his great sense of morality and responsibility, he's a brilliant man! but i am just a Kemalist and Ataturk is my god.

    Relentless yes ..You are young and full of energy..I am too old for long debates ^.^;
    if we continue it will be repetitive because we are fundementally different but i thank you for the informations you bring,it's interesting to know how Indian people think ^^

  8. myri-chan 5wk 3d ago

    i respect your way of thinking as a religious nationalist ;)
    for me science is everything i am like Gregory House i can't help it...^.^;
    we don't need to justify ourselves to others,religion is an important part of a nation's identity,that's a fact..religion is not just mythology mixed with politics it's racial,we are what we are, but that's not an excuse to reject rationalism and science,the west managed to
    preserve it's religion without necessarily being too religious.

    google is your friend ^^

    the west will always be an example to me,as Ataturk i admire the rationality of western thinking ^^
    i'll be honest, i don't give spirituality to much credit,i am more down to earth,the west's best arguments are their results,they have flourishing sophisticated societies so the answer is simple: we have to take them as an example and imitate them without necessarily lose our own identity that's the kemalist's also the japanese and korean approach,those countries don't have a problem to incorporate western culture to develop their own style.

    History is very very important you should really focus on it.

    i think it is not necessary to get too philosophical really.. it's beautiful like poetry,but it's not pragmatical enough for me.

    i admire the indian way of thinking it's full of wisdom,but our cultures need more concrete observation of reality and it's only possible through science,i know you will disagree with that but as i said before i can't help it just like dr.House.

  9. myri-chan 5wk 3d ago

    your thread is interesting i really appreciate the complex reasoning but to be honest i am more in favor for a less theorical and abstract thinking.i think there's nothing more important than real experience(meeting a lot of people irl) and concrete observation of history and society,in a scientifical way more than just philosophical.

    if you study western history you will find it fascinating,because the west went through so many political changes in comparison with other cultures.the greatness of western civilisation is undoubtly due to ancient greek culture.almost everything we know today comes from the rational minds of ancient greek masters and later the romans continued and improved greek discoveries... later came the middle ages which are the darkest ages of the west,too much religion and a lot of that times the west was easily rivaled by eastern cultures who discovered ancient greek culture and enriched it. with the renaissance western people finally understood that religion was an obstacle for their progress,galileo started to question religious theories about the universe..etc people just discovered a more rational way of thinking by studying translated ancient greek documents..etc.but it was only in the age of enlightement or age of reason that the west reached perfection,in france there was a guy like voltaire,in the u.k Locke and in the u.s thomas paine (one of the liberal founding fathers) the german Marx undoublty contributed to scientifically analyze history and showed the real reasons behind human struggles since the dawn of times,Darwin also showed the reality of human society through nature, others like kropotkin completed the work.

    so it isnt just colonialism,the true richness of western people is their rational minds which they inherited it from the greeks and the romans.

    japanese people and korean people also understood the importance of the human ressource not only through hard work but also on giving to science a special place in their societies,japan realized the importance of science when they lost the war. their adversary was technologically way more advanced,before the event they have always relied on spiritual values and self sacrifice.

    but the greatness of the west is not only based on rational and scientifical reasoning but also on humanism which was developped earlier in the renaissance era,liberalism is based on humanist values.values that provide the best conditions for freedom and well being which allows western societies to flourish succesfully,asian countries like japan and korea understood that as well. their current socities are way more liberal than it was in the beginning of the 20 century, for instance you can nowadays see japanese women wearing in society some really provocative clothes without being seen as those liberalized countries you can live your life without being judged you can think the way you want to think, all those conditions allows freedom of thought and intellectualism, the essential ingredients for a civilized and sophisticated society.In the other hand in most third world countries there are excessive traditionalism and excessive religious pressure that produce a lot of frustration,depression and irrational behaviour just like the west in the medieval era.

    social democracy is still reasonable because it combines both capitalistic and socialist aspects.Or left wing nationalist doctrine like kemalism..sorry i don't know anything about politics in india but i think it's super tradionalist and have almost the same issues as middle eastern states,countries like ours need some serious but yet reasonable changes like a secular authoritarian regime able to satisfy both the religious people and the others who are looking for more freedom and social justice.

  10. myri-chan 5wk 4d ago

    not everything about conservatism is bad, undoubtly it's the champion of protectionism and sovreignty but in the other hand you've got so many injustices(corporate bourgeoisie,misoginy,racism,imperialism..etc) the ideal would be combining both conservative and liberal ideologies, for example kemalism is a good example of center left concept.
    misandry or female supremacism is a myth,there are some matriarchal societies over the world but those are obselete primitive models,all women even misandrists are looking for is just respect and equal opportunities that's all. believe it or not what makes the first world so superior it's not for it's conservative politics but the liberal ideology,just look at almost all third world poor countries,they have all in common excessive traditionalism.
    the statistics show that the world's highest levels of happiness are located in scandinavia wich have social democratic systems..of course third world countries are not ready for that type of government but as i said before doctrines like kemalism which one can qualify as authoritarian form of liberalism is more adapted for countries which have high levels of

  11. kuchukuTulip 9wk 6d ago

    Quote by TheCompiler *pokes*


  12. kuchukuTulip 10wk 6d ago

    sorry ne
    good night

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